Id Name Duration
TÁMOP-6.1.2-11/1-2012-1184 Czinka Panna for the Roma of Győr-Újváros 2013.09.01. - 2014.08.30.
KEOP 6.1.0/B-11-2011-0130 "Czinka Panna for a livable future"- Opinion shaping with sustainability themed Green Stands in the Győr-Moson-Sopron county settlement events 2013.09.01. – 2014.08.31.
The creation and operation of the “Új esély” and Czinka Panna Tanoda in Gyömöre. 2013.06.01. – 2015.02.28.
TÁMOP-2.6.2-12/1-2012-0255 The development and strengthening of labor market capacity at the Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association 2013.04.01.- 2014.03.31.
TÁMOP-5.5.2-11/2-2012-0010 Establishing the Volunteer Point and Services of the Mosonmagyaróvár sub-region 2012.11.01. - 2013.10.31.
TÁMOP-5.5.1.B-11/2-2011-0237 The Family Resource Center, providing integrated services in the Győr Sub-Region 2012.06.01. - 2014.01.31.
TÁMOP-5.3.1-C-09/2-2010-0001 The catch-up program for disadvantaged people in the Győr micro-region 2010.10.01. – 2012.05.31.
TÁMOP-551/A-10/1-2010-0001 Development and networking of Roma organizations in the sub-regions of Transdanubia (Dunántúl) 2010.09.01. – 2012.04.31.