About Us

The Czinka Panna Roma Cultural Association is a national, interest representation, interest protection and cultural social organization. The main objectives of the organization include promoting Roma culture in Hungary, assisting disadvantaged Roma people, finding and supporting Roma talents, promoting Roma heritage, helping young Roma people with disadvantage in education, and promoting the social and labor market integration of Roma in Hungary.

The Association is a member of the Roma Coordination Council and the Human Rights Round Table of the Ministry of Justice (Thematic Working Group of Roma Affairs), and the Cooperating Partner of the Ministry of Human Resources.

Talent research

The Association considers the promotion of disadvantaged talents as its priority, and in its projects and events, it always strives to fulfill this task. When implementing domestic and EU projects with children, regardless of the topic, professional implementers incorporate talent-management program elements. At our events, we are trying to showcase promising talents.

Interest representation and protection

One of the principles of the Association is partnership. All of our projects, even our individual events, are implemented in partnerships with non-Gypsy organizations, institutions, bodies, local governments and other Roma organizations. We believe that we can do a more efficient work together. At the same time, however, we make a stand for the interests of the Roma people. The basis of our partnerships is that in the course of the partnership, the Roma interests have the same weight as any other interest.

Cultural events

Our association is essentially a cultural organization. In our opinion, culture can bridge the gap between the Roma nationality and the majority society. Culture is the means, by which we can show ourselves, through which they can recognize us. At the same time, the Roma people also need to "relearn" the Roma culture, because we believe that Hungarian people of Roma origin with a strong identity can integrate into the majority society.